Residential and Commercial Snow Removal Services

Our long winters never fail to produce tons of snow, which can be backbreaking to shovel. Whether you’re a property owner or manager, a senior, going on vacation or a snowbird, we’ve got you covered and can accommodate whatever situation you’re in. Our number one priority is to ensure your safety and accessibility 24/7.

Snow removal services are available with Halford Stone and Soil from October 15 to April 15 of the following year. Halford Stone and Soil services the southeast quadrant of Calgary only.

Snow Removal Service Plans

Halford Stone and Soil offers two residential snow removal service plans:

Per Push– An ongoing service plan where you pay per snow removal. Snow is cleared within 24-hours after the snowfall ends, every time it falls in excess of 1cm. You can set the start date and end date for the service.

Per Month – A pay-per-month continual service where you pay a flat rate at the beginning of each month. This includes unlimited snow removal every time snow falls in excess of 1cm, within 24-hours after the snowfall ends. Take comfort in knowing that we do not make you sign a contract for the full snow removal season. You’re never locked in with us.

Terms and Conditions

  • After a minimum of 1cm of snowfall, snow shall be removed from the designated driveway and walkways, as specified in 
the signed estimate.
  • Snow removal will be carried out within 24 hours after each snow fall ends. In the event that it snows on Christmas Day, snow 
removal will be delayed by an additional 24 hours as HSS will not be operating.
  • During a heavy and continuous snowfall, HSS shall remove the snow on one occasion during the storm and on one further occasion 
at the end of the storm. In the event of a severe storm (6 inches of snowfall or more), HSS will remove the snow as quickly as possible, 
as long as we are able to operate our vehicles in a safe manner.
  • In situations of heavy snow fall, be advised that more time will be required to complete routes due to traffic and road conditions.
  • If there is ice build-up, ice melt will be applied to reduce the slipping hazard. HSS will use ice melt unless otherwise specified by 
the client.
  • The client is to ensure that there are no obstacles in the area to be cleared from snow. HSS will not be liable for any damages if 
obstacles are not removed. This includes, but is not limited to: vehicles, outdoor furniture, decorations and other fixtures.
  • In the event that the contract begins any time after the beginning of the regular snow removal season it will be the 
client’s responsibility to ensure the property is free of built up snow and ice prior to the contract start date. Should HSS have to clear 
any snow or ice accumulation from before the contract start date, an hourly charge will be applied.
  •  HSS assumes no liability for any injury resulting from a slip and fall.

HSS lets you order snow removal services by phone and doesn’t make you sign restrictive contracts that lock you in. You can enjoy the peace of mind from a recurring service, knowing that your property is taken care of for every snowfall when you need the service, without being locked in for services you don’t want. Whether you need season-long service, or just occasional help, we have the solution for you!